Chicago Triple Lightning Strike – June 2014

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Chicago Lightning Strike 2014.

Thunder storms are something I really dislike, I love the look of them from the distance, wonderfully dramatic, art in the sky, but when those forks of light move closer – oh no, I want it to move on quick!

I’ve have had a few close shaves with lightning over the years and that has changed the way I view storms.  When I was sixteen I witnessed a huge bolt of lightning strike the ground directly outside a window I was sitting very close to, and strangely there wasn’t even a hint of a storm at the time.  Hard to imagine I know, just one giant bolt of lightning heading in my direction, but believe me I wasn’t hallucinating.  I’ve been very nervous of thunderstorms since that day!

We lived in a village very high on a hill, and when thunderstorms passed by they were pretty ferocious sometimes, our village appeared to take a real battering.  I’m glad where I live now is low and relatively flat land, it makes a real difference, those storm are a lot more bearable.

But when I see a giant storm like this one in Chicago (a triple lightning strike on three of it’s tallest buildings: Willis Tower, Trump Tower and the John Hancock Building) I wonder why I worry about storms in Britain.  That’s one hell of a storm!!!  Stunning photography though, must be a real thrill to capture images like these.

So, does anyone have a storm story to scare me with?



Images/video via Colossal.




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19 thoughts on “Chicago Triple Lightning Strike – June 2014

  1. Storms are super scary to me too at times. Though, I try to be brave in front of my son. Lol He is terribly frightened. So, I take him and try to calm him down until the thunderstorm, or lightening storm passes. I remember one day, we were about to pull into McDonald’s to get something to eat. The sky was very dark already. The wind began to pick up and blow really hard. My son said to me, “Momma, we can just eat what we have at home”. I must have laughed so hard. Lol. I indulged him, and took him home. But I also told him., God got us. 😄

    1. That’s a good idea not to show it to your son – if you can. I don’t blame him for wanting to go home, I think I’d feel the same, although I have read you are a lot safer inside a car than walking or sheltering under trees, which is about the worst thing you can do in a bad storm! Fear is so easily passed on to children, and it doesn’t do much for you other than make you unhappy. I don’t remember either of my parents being afraid of storms though, and I don’t think I was until I had that very strange occurrence of a bolt of lightning out of the blue. I’m pleased to say I’ve not experienced that again! 🙂

      1. Thanks, Ms Suzy!! Also, I’m so glad you have not experienced anything like that again. I would have been a bit out of character. Lol You are right! I have heard something about being safer in a car…something about the rubber from the tires not being able to be struck by lighting. Though, I would not want to test it out At All!! Lol 😄 I will say, I hope you never experience anything like that again. Perfect Peace To You 😄

    1. Ah I see, you live there, that’s really interesting! 🙂 It is quite beautiful, but I think if I’d been there my bones would have been shaking at every strike. I’m very torn on my feelings for thunderstorms, rainbows are easier to enjoy! So, is this kind of storm common or was it an extra big storm?

    1. They are, but kind of laced with fright too! 😯 Struck twice?!! And that’s not supposed to happen, but it does, I’ve head of a few cases of that. I read an autobiography of a woman who was struck by lightning, it was alarming, really messed up her natural body functions, she suffered all kinds of very bizarre symptoms for years. The person you know, were they badly effected or were they one of those very lucky ones that seem to escape effects?

      1. She told me that every hair on her body rose straight up, and she has very long hair, and that she heard differently afterwards. I should ask her again and write down what she tells me so I can be sure I’m remembering right. 🙂

  2. I am scared thunder storms, too. I dislike the terrible sound (it makes me nervous everytime I hear it). another reason is the lost of power, in my place when thunders are in the sky, the power is usually cut off to prevent fire damaged. That’s not good at all.

    1. I’m glad I’m not alone in this fear that feels very silly sometimes, but thunderstorms are very unpredictable. That sounds terrible, to have your power cut off too, I’d really hate that! Lets hope you don’t have any storms for along time, keep that power on! 🙂

  3. I am also scared of lighting and storm. It is hurricane season here as well. In the back of my mind, the fear for the heavy storm is there. A couple of houses around the neighbor got hit by lightning a year or so back, it was a major repaired to them. The strikes did not destroy the house down. The outside still looked too bad but from what I have heard, they had to redo all internal wiring and take out the inside walls. Scary.

    1. Oh yes, hurricane season, that’s something I’ve only ever had a tiny taste of. We had what could only be described as a mini hurricane a few years ago, it came on very sudden in the middle of the summer one evening, thunder, lightening, heavy rain and really strong winds. We don’t normally get all four together in such force, it caused a lot of damage in five minutes! I could smell a strong smell sulphur near a window at the time of the storm, I guessed the roof had been struck, and it had, because a leak in the ceiling appeared next time it rained. It was minimal damage though, but alarming to see the trees outside bending over with the storm, I’d only ever seen that on TV before, and now it was in my back yard!!

      That sounds very expensive to have to get the house rewired and walls repaired – definitely scary! My brother was telling me the other day about cars that get struck, sometimes the electrical circuits are so damaged the whole car needs to scrapped, not something that used to happen to cars years ago, cars are so complicated now!

      That must be worrying to have the thought of hurricane season on your mind, I can’t imagine living with that every year. I really hope that hurricane weather avoids your patch and moves over very quickly! 🙂

  4. When I lived in Syracuse, New York, lightning struck the church steeple down the street and destroyed it. By the way, Florida is flat and it is the lightning capital of the U.S. Yes, I am scared to go for walks here because the weather can change abruptly.

    1. They are stunning photos, I love all the colours in the picture too, looks dangerously beautiful! Church steeples are very prone to being struck, I hope no-one was ringing bells when that happened?! Yes I’ve heard Florida is very flat, so maybe rapid violent thunderstorms are more to do with the air than how high or low the land is. We always felt those lightning strikes seemed to reach us long before they reached anyone else, so assumed it was because we were so high up, but sometimes the reasons for things like that are not always what they appear.

      That sounds unpleasant to be worried about the weather changing rapidly. I hope you get to do some walks though, even if they’re short ones! 🙂

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