Handy Owl


Owl GifA unique way to create art.  Obviously, an Owl plays an important part in this process!  I’m wondering if it’s adding some weight, perhaps helping to keep a more steady hand?  Or maybe it’s just the company?  I hope this makes you smile! 😀





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5 thoughts on “Handy Owl

  1. oh this touches my heart! Love his big soulful eyes. And I agree with you, any animal can be tamed if treated right. What I really want is my own elephant! hehe. I’m actually serious. But I would be happy with this little guy too. he seems so devoted!

    1. He does have very soulful eyes, a lot of those owls do, although some have slightly staring eyes. And others have what appears to be a wonderful pair of long lashes, when in actual fact they have a very deep eyelid and a whole load of feathers on it – enviable eyes! 🙂

      Haha, your own elephant – that’s a big pet! You’ve reminded me, I have an elephant video in my bookmarks, perhaps I’ll do that as one of my next posts. I think there’s going to be quite a few animal posts from time to time on here, they do fascinate me, and often have me laughing too! 😀

  2. 🙂 The owl is so cute. It keeps reminding me as a cat rather. I did not know that it can be tamed to have such close contact as this one. I do not think it helps steadying the hand. The pen and the pad are electronic drawing which I am not sure needing that steady draw. Definitely a good company!

    1. He is a bit cat like, perhaps he thinks he is a cat?!! I have heard of people with pet owls as tame as this one, I think pretty much any animal or bird if it’s treated right can be very tame, and in some ways almost human like. Yes, I’m sure it’s the good company, perhaps a bit like a baby in a rocking pushchair he likes the swaying movement. I wonder if he ever falls asleep on that hand?! 😀

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