Hasan Kale – Micro Artist

Hasan Kale - butterfly.

hasan_kale_01For micro artist Hasan Kale, there doesn’t appear to be any tiny object he can’t paint on.  He holds his breath to keep his hands steady, and one painting can take up to three days to complete.  He must have amazing eyesight and incredible patience!


To find out more and  keep up-to-date with Hasan Kale’s most recent art follow his Facebook or Twitter Page.







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4 thoughts on “Hasan Kale – Micro Artist

  1. He must have very good eye sight. The video does not show he was using any aids (e.g. magnifying glass). The video mentioned that he paints from his memory. That is another amazing thing he has.

    1. That’s what I thought, he must have very good eyesight. No, he wasn’t using anything obvious to magnify what he was trying to paint, but he was wearing glasses and took them off when he was speaking, so he might have magnification within them, or they might just be for a short sighted problem, not surprising with all that intense concentration. He’s probably got a photographic memory, that’s something I’d love to have, if I attempt to paint anything I have to concentrate really hard and have the picture right next to me! 🙂

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