Paddy And Nico – Britain’s Got Talent


She is Paddy and he is Nico, and together they amazed Britian’s Got Talent this year with an unexpected and totally stunning Salsa dance.  When they first began their routine, the faces of the judges seemed to show they thought it was going to be dull or possibly embarrassing.  But I’m sure they knew it was going to be spectacular as this lady and her dancing partner had already won a talent show in Spain in 2009.  This 80 year old woman has some real strength, if you haven’t seen it, I guarantee it will make you smile!  Read more about Paddy Jones.





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7 thoughts on “Paddy And Nico – Britain’s Got Talent

  1. My word, she just blew me away. She is is excellent shape. You would not know she was 80 yrs old. All including Simon was amazed. I’d think I’d have to give her a hug too. That was an amazing performance. Thanks for posting Ms. Suzy!!! 😄

    1. Haha!! 😀 Yes, had me stunned the first time I saw it! I watched it over and over thinking “there’s got to be some digital effect trick in here!” I trust very little today, so many clever film abilities now. But I’m sure this is for real. I’ve seen older people doing body building before, it’s amazing what stamina and good health some are blessed with. The next time I wake in the morning thinking I haven’t the strength to face the day, I shall think of her being twirled around – I’ll have no excuse will I?!!! 😀

      1. Yes she was fascinating to me…I agree very motivating and very real. I was too moved!!!! Yes, I’ve seen the body building also. It still amazes me. Lol 😄

    1. It’s been round the internet quite a lot, I think I originally found it somewhere on a Facebook page. I don’t watch Britain’s Got Talent on TV, but I often catch up with some of the really good ones on You Tube. No – neither can I! She is wonderfully fit for any age, and absolutely amazingly brave at her age to do all of that!! 😀

    1. She is quite an amazing lady, and a lot of credit to him too for teaching her and not being afraid to swing a graceful but ageing lady around! I can imagine there would be a lot dance teachers that just couldn’t bring themselves to do that in case of causing injury, but he’s obviously got a good understanding of the body and what his dance students are capable of. I feel very unfit watching that, and I’m 34 years younger!! 😀

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