Paloma Faith


Both my parents loved singers with strong voices, and I appear to have acquired that attraction to a strong voice.  British singer Paloma Faith really delivers one of those strong voices along with a fun theatrical style I adore.  The funny thing is about Paloma she has such a sweet little girl voice when she speaks, and yet a big strong voice comes out when she sings!  I’ve been interested in her for a few years now, but didn’t initially love all the tracks on her albums, but she’s delivering some really fine music these days, I now find it hard to dislike any track.

Her lyrics in her songs talk of life in a way I can relate to, and if I was going to compare her to another rock/pop legend I would say she could easily be a female Elton John, not only in her style of music but her flamboyant dress style.

I’ve included two videos here that will give you a good taste of her style and talent.  But if you really want to discover what she can do, just look for her on You Tube.  If you like her style you could be there a while!  Alternatively you can also find her music tracks on Grooveshark, and her responsive website is a sight to behold – I’d love to have a blog like that!!  If you listen to her most recent track listed on her site (Trouble With My Baby) you might see what I mean about comparing her to Elton John.

There are a lot of interviews with Paloma on You Tube, I selected one here that I thought was especially good and relatively recent.  Enjoy the music!






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9 thoughts on “Paloma Faith

    1. She does have a rich voice when singing, strange that she has a little girl voice when she’s talking – so sweet! I don’t know where she finds that deeper tone for the singing voice. You should definitely seek more of her music, glad to hear you enjoyed it! 🙂

  1. Thank you for introducing her Ms Suzy. This is my first time listening to her. I love her. She has a very pretty voice. Both songs have a really nice tempo too. 😄

    1. Glad you like her! I like the tempo too, especially for Only Love Can Hurt Like This, it has a 50s/60s feel to it, and I really like that essence of music nostalgia! 🙂

      1. Indeed lovely music to my ears. Yes, I think Only Love Can Hurt Like This Was The One I Favored. You be grooving Ms Suzy!!! I know that’s not correct English right there, but It’s True!!! 😄😄

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