Skydiving Woman Falls Out Of Harness



There aren’t many You Tube videos that leave me with my mouth wide open in horror, but this one succeeded!  This very brave lady decided to go skydiving for her 80th birthday, but somehow her harness was much loser than it should have been, she began to slip out of it in mid air and came very close to falling to earth without a parachute attached.  Thankfully she and her skydiving partner managed to land without any injury.   A very lucky escape!



This video shows Laverne Everett interviewed before her adventure, and then shows the full jump footage from the plane to the ground.



ABC News coverage interviewing Laverne after that eventful day.  Click to view on You Tube.




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5 thoughts on “Skydiving Woman Falls Out Of Harness

  1. Once push came to shove, it seemed she was very reluctant to leave the plane. After her skydiving experience, I wouldn’t blame her if she never tried that again. So glad that she and the man holding on to her – for dear life – landed safely.

    1. She did look reluctant, I don’t blame her at all, I think I would too. And maybe she was picking up a feeling that something was going to go wrong. I don’t know how that man held onto her like that, poor guy, he must have been shattered afterwards!

  2. My goodness, I was so scared for her. It looked like she didn’t want to go. I was scared for her just looking at the distance. Way to go!!! That was very brave of her. 😄

    1. Very brave, at any age!! But oh, yes, even though I knew she was ok, no harm came to her, that really got my stomach feeling quite weak. It’s shocking to see someone hanging precariously like that so high in the air. She said because her clothes went over her head she couldn’t really see much – just as well really! And that poor man holding on to her, his sight certainly wasn’t obstructed, must have taken him a while to recover from that!! 🙂

      1. Yes Indeed, she was very brave. Yes, I was looking from her to the ground, from the ground back to her and her diving partner. Whoo, what a rush!!! I wonder would she ever do it again? I think one time would be enough for me. Lol 😄

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