Maya Angelou – I’m A Rainbow In Somebody’s Cloud


When I first got onto the internet in 2012, the first Google search I did was for the word ‘Poetry’, I came across PoemHunter and found myself captivated by Maya Angelou’s wonderful poem Still I Rise.  I remember thinking “Wow this woman is amazing!”  And because PoemHunter is a place where anyone can post poetry I didn’t realise I was reading poetry from one of the most famous female poets of our time, no wonder it was so good!  It’s embarrassing to admit I knew that little about poetry, especially modern day poets.  It didn’t take me long to learn, I’ve come a long way since then! 😉

Since 2012 I’ve read a lot of Maya Angelou’s poems and immensely enjoyed them, I love her defiant character that came through her writing and speech.  Phenomenal Woman is another favourite of mine, I discovered the poem had even been turned into a song, so I created a post about it last year on my WordMusing blog.

I’d not heard of The Mask or I’m A Rainbow In Somebody’s Cloud until recently, and as with all her poetry, they have such a good message.  I love the way she says near the end of the second video ‘The mask“No human being can be more human than another human being.  You can be younger, and prettier, and finer, and richer, but you can’t be more human.”

I’m sure she has inspired many to write and appreciate intelligent life giving poetry, she will be greatly missed.

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9 thoughts on “Maya Angelou – I’m A Rainbow In Somebody’s Cloud

  1. Love her poems. A phrase I have often expressed – unaware until recently that it came from Maya Angelou – is that “we’re more alike than unalike.” We have so many things in common as human beings. Why do some feel the need to denigrate and try to isolate those who think differently? As she said, to keep others down, you have to be down there with them. Thanks for sharing, Suzy.

    1. Yes, I’ve discovered a lot phrases recently that have turned out to be hers too, and I didn’t know until recently. She could quite possibly turn out to be the most quoted female writer in the world – if she isn’t already! A bit like some of Shakespeare’s quotes from his plays have found there way into our language (sets my teeth on edge – method in my madness – all that glitters is not gold) I wonder if over time Maya Angelou’s quotes will too?

      Haha, yes!! The thought of being down there with them is probably enough to make some think twice about putting another person down! 😀 Funny how no-one thinks of it like that, but it’s so true!

  2. Interesting to hear her recite her own work. No written poem could exude the feeling and expression that comes from her own recital, particularly in the Mask. Did you see the guy crying? She did – must give her a good feeling to see her poetry affecting others like that.

    An amazing poet.

    1. Yes, I think she’s was so good at reading, but it might have been because when she was younger she was an actress, I’m sure that had a lot to do with her ability to perform her poetry so well. Yes I did see that man crying, I’m sure she has had a lot of people crying with her work over the years (in a good way) her words are emotional, but not in a syrupy way, but very down to earth. Even though she’s gone, I’m sure these videos of her spoken word will live on for many years. It will be almost impossible to ever replace a woman like that! 🙂

    1. Absolutely!! 🙂 Yes, she could talk on any subject in total truth, without syrupy tone or dressing it up in some way, and yet it was still beautiful. That is great talent to me, something I’m always looking out for in writers, movies and books too.

  3. “No human being can be more human than another human being…”, so simple but yet not everyone takes it or understands that this is one of the basis for living together peacefully in this world. She will be missed…

    1. I agree it is the basis for living together peacefully. It’s weird how we are all tempted to compare ourselves over and above or in some cases under the way someone else appears to be, and some run with that big time. It’s not necessary at all. Certain people have a way with words and saying things that get through in a way that others don’t, and Maya definitely had that gift in her writing and speech. She will be missed, but at least she was memorably unique! 🙂

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