Yi Peng, Lantern Festival, Thailand


I’m not usually into ceremonies or annual festivals, but this festival in Thailand looks so stunning, I’d be tempted to attend this celebration if I was on holiday in that direction.   Each lantern released represents letting go of negativity.  I like the positive thought behind that.  Much better than New Year resolutions.  It must be really hot though, standing in an enormous crowd with all those giant lanterns burning!

If you want to know the details and information on what else goes on at this festival you’ll find it all covered in the first video.  Presented in excellent style by Jubril Agoro.

The second video gives a good feel as to what it would be like to be actually there.  It’s interesting but a little slow to the build up of releasing those lanterns.  If you skip the video to 1 minute 10 seconds, that’s when the lanterns all get released in a mass floating.  Impressive and very bright!

More info on Yi Peng and Loi Krathong







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17 thoughts on “Yi Peng, Lantern Festival, Thailand

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many lanterns take off at once, it’s quite a sight. And I see what you mean, starlight birds sounds lovely! Yes, any minute you expect them to start swirling in the sky – that could be interesting!! 😀

  1. oh this is so beautifully uplifting! Thanks for this. Just what I needed. I just love love the idea of releasing negative energy. And it was so beautiful to see all the lanterns so high up in the sky, looking like stars. Just beautiful!

    1. I’m very pleased to hear it’s just what you needed! 🙂 I was hoping it would have the same effect on others as it had on me. I tried it out on my brother first, and he thought it was amazing, so I decided it would be a good one to post. Seeing events like this makes me want to pay a visit. I’m not much into travelling long distances, oh – but it would be great to write about this afterwards! 🙂

    1. Yes, I did see that, but it didn’t really stand out as unusual until you pointed that out – but it is really. They are still dressed in their traditional dress, but doing something they never would have been allowed to do, or could do. He looks like he’s trying to absorb the light through is hands – but no, it’s a camera – definitely progress! 😀

    1. Anything that highlights releasing negative energy is a good thing to me, but this is so attractive too! 🙂 I agree I’d be worried about fire too. It’s amazing what risks are taken in some countries, some things we might not be allowed to do where we live. Fire is a big down side to releasing these lanterns, I’ve heard the dangers talked about in the UK with the growing fashion in lantern releasing for birthdays, weddings and even funerals sometimes. Where those lanterns end up landing, if they are still burning, can be a real problem. There are still a lot of houses in Britain that have a thatched roof, often ancient protected buildings, but nothing preventing the roof from catching fire with one of these landing on them! Also very dry straw bales in fields or long dry grass, all have the potential to light up very quickly. I have also heard of the lanterns failing to float up high enough and falling back down unexpectedly on a child who didn’t see it coming. That must be very frightening! But having said that, similar problems occur with fireworks too. It’s a pity, because these events are so enjoyable. The day someone manages to invent a lantern or firework that looks like fire, but it’s totally safe, will be the day they become very rich! 🙂

  2. Spectacular! I can imagine it would up lifting feeling to be there among ginormous crowd and see these all of these lanterns float up and fill the sky. They are just like stars come together in one place. I would agree this looks better than western new year celebration. They might feel as hot as you might thing. I saw people hold the lanterns a bit above your head. The heat should just raise up. I am guessing here. Nevertheless, I think it is worth it.

    1. I’m sure it would be a very uplifting feeling, I found it uplifting just watching it on video! I thought they looked like stars, when they got high enough in the sky, I couldn’t see them as lanterns any more. Yes, the heat should rise up, I still think it would generate a reasonable amount of heat between everyone. I bet there aren’t any birds or bats flying near that event – I wouldn’t want to be one flying above especially when they start floating up, could be a little tricky! 🙂

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