Kate Middleton look-alike ~ Heidi Agan


Single mum Heidi Agan was working as a waitress when she began to get a lot of comments from diners as to how much she looked like Kate Middleton.  She looked into the possibility of becoming a look-alike of Kate and has gone from earning £6 an hour to £650 a day.

She says, “If you want to be the best look-alike you have to stay on top of it and make sure you’re doing everything she does.”  She observes Kate closely, her hair, make-up and even her very formal mannerisms – no Hollywood star performance from the Duchess of Cambridge!  Perfecting her as much as she can makes Heidi that much more believable.  But she felt wearing a fake ‘bump’ to mimic the look of Kate’s pregnancy was really weird.

I remember in the 1980’s when Lady Diana Spencer, soon to become Princess Diana was on every newspaper, magazine and news show, along came a host of look-alikes making personal appearances pretending to be the new Princess of Wales.  I don’t remember many look-alikes before that time.  I’m sure there were look-alikes of many famous stars and royals, but Diana created a new wave of fake celebrities attending your live event.   Many people began to realize they could turn their matching looks into a well paid career.

It does sound like a lot of fun, certainly better than working as a waitress, but I’m glad I don’t look like anyone famous.  The money would be tempting, but all that posing for pictures and smiling – oh no, not for me!  I’d be craving peace and quite and the return of my anonymous lifestyle very quickly.  But for those who can handle the attention, it’s a good earner!



If you’re interested, you can keep up to date with Heidi’s look-alike career on her Facebook.




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20 thoughts on “Kate Middleton look-alike ~ Heidi Agan

  1. That’s a good earner, but I don’t believe I could carry that off. I’d hate to lose touch with who I am too. Maybe that’s not a problem for some? She looks like a very down to earth lady with a good business head, I’m sure that helps.

    1. She does look very down to earth, and definitely a good business head. Maybe she doesn’t have problems in the area of forgetting who she is, I’m sure problems like that are down to certain kinds of personality. She looks very sane to me! 🙂

    1. Thank you Rebecca, good to have you back too! 🙂 I’ve not been keeping track so much with how often I post on here, but I kind of like the lack of pressure. I will be taking an official break from WordPress by November, but hopefully I’ll get another two posts on here done before I’m off for the break. 🙂

    1. It does seem to work for her, and I hope it continues to. I noticed on her Facebook page she has even made adverts with the Prince William look-alike, that would beat working in a restaurant serving customers food any day! 🙂

  2. I am glad for her that can earn to £650 a day. That is an awesome change! Yes, the money is so tempting. I guess you would try to make sure you can escape when you need to. You should also want to make sure you remind your self of who you really are. People will recognize you and you will have lots of attention. Just be with them as an ordinary person. I would say why not if you have the chance. It can only last for a short while 🙂

    1. It is a huge change from serving customers in a restaurant, like Cinderella going to the ball! Well, if I looked like someone famous, I might give this a go and try and make as much money as fast as I could before I went nuts, and then escape with all my riches and remind myself of who I am!! 😀 That’s assuming all the people around me haven’t earned more money from my face than I had – it happens. There’s always someone hanging around hoping to bleed you dry of everything you’ve got. 😦

  3. Fascinating Suzy, such a likeness. I guess if it’s good money then why not. But I cant see the point of simply looking like someone else. I cant see the attraction that tourists seem to find either! I wouldnt want to take a photo or have mine taken with someone who looked like someone else! It seems ridiculous to me! 😄 xx

    1. No, I don’t see much point either, and it is a bit ridiculous!! I guess if I met a look-alike in real life I’d find it amusing, but it’s nothing like meeting the real person. I’m just amazed at what great careers these look-alikes get out of it all. Obviously a lot people don’t think like you and me Christine! Maybe it’s because they feel they will never be lucky enough to meet the real person, so someone who looks so like them is near enough. I think you have to be someone who’s into celebrities, of any kind, and I’m really not. I have met and been up close to a few famous people (all British celebs) but I wouldn’t mind if I never met anyone famous, it’s not high on my list of priorities! 😀

      1. You and me are alike on this one Suzy! I too am not impressed by seeing a so called celebrity. They are just ordinary people I don’t know! But you are right there are lots of people who are ‘into’ all that kind of thing for some reason! 😊 xx

  4. This is very interesting…I wonder if the look-alike begins to have trouble remembering her authentic self after awhile…like you, I prefer a quieter anonymity….but the money’s good, if that job is up one’s alley….

    1. The money is definitely good, probably the main reason why so many are attracted to it. I’m sure some of them do have an identity crisis after a while – although they probably wouldn’t want to admit it. To be treated as though you could be that famous person, must have a strange effect on the mind over a long period of time. I remember playing characters in a play or pantomime in a drama group I was involved with as a teenager, and after weeks of rehearsals the character I played started to grow on me. It took a few days to come down from an artificial character high! 😀

    1. She really does! It’s amazing how something like that can turn out to be such a bonus to your life. I wonder how many doubles we have? Would be really strange to bump into one of them one day! 🙂

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