Kevin Richardson – The Lion Whisperer

Kevin Richardson is a self-taught animal behaviourist, he’s determined to break all the safety rules when it comes to working with wild animals.  He doesn’t believe in breaking an animal’s spirit with sticks and chains, instead he uses love, and has learned a great deal about how to understand and build perfect trust between man and the wild animal to create a personal bond.  Over the years he’s studied what makes them angry, happy, upset or irritated, allowing him to interact with these animals as his best friends, and they certainly seem to think so too!

As a young boy Kevin cared for so many wild animals he was known as ‘The Bird Man Of Orange Grove’ today he’s affectionately known by his fans as “The Lion Whisperer”.  His book ‘Part of the Pride‘ tells the story of his awe-inspiring experience with these wild animals and delves into the mind of big cats to highlight a different way of understanding the lions of Africa.

If you want to find out more about Kevin take a look at his website.  There are a few more videos to watch, the first one really made me smile, to see him wearing a suit and tie playing football with three lions.  I never knew lions could be taught to enjoy a game of football! 😀

Watching this video was amazing – real big boisterous hugs from lions.  It’s stunning to see when fear is not present between man and and a wild animal, there is love – just awesome.   Can’t help but think of C.S. Lewis and his well loved character Aslan




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15 thoughts on “Kevin Richardson – The Lion Whisperer

  1. He is amazing that he can earn the trust from the lions and the hyenas and so brave!!!! It was funny to see other team members got so scare of the lion while they were in side the car and he was out with the lion.. 🙂 I will be happy to get any cats to come to me 🙂

    1. I can understand them being scared, I guess they would never know if those lions would suddenly see them as a threat to their lovely man friend. It wouldn’t be wise for them to assume that just because they are friends with him, the lions except them too. If I was brave enough I’d rather be him than the others in the car! I’m not sure I’d want hyenas liking my face though – ugh. I notice he gets a lot of licks from the lions too, they have huge tongues, practically lick the side of his face off!! 😀 Well, I’m sure you don’t have trouble attracting cats at all!!! 😉

  2. I have seen this man before, I think it was on a Facebook page about a year ago. He’s got such a deep understanding of those animals, no wonder he’s called The Lion Whisperer…stunning video!!!

    1. I think Kevin Richardson gets about a bit on the internet! 😉 I’m not surprised you’ve seen him before, he’s a popular subject for blog posts and Facebook pages. I love his understanding of animals, he really is the authentic Lion Whisperer!! 🙂

  3. My goodness gracious he is so very brave!! When those lions came running toward him, my first instant would have been to run!! But to see him with those animals clearly shows me!! All species have a desire to be loved. Love really does conquers all!!! Thank you for sharing Ms Suzy!! I Loved It!! 😄

    1. Thank you, so glad you loved this one, he is such an interesting man! I think he is brave, but to him it’s all quite everyday behaviour. But I’m sure he must know there’s always some risk in being so closely involved with big cats like this. On the other hand, some people risk there lives just getting out of a bath tub everyday, so maybe it’s just the way we look at risk!! You definitely don’t want to run if you meet one of these, lions love a chase. Anything running is automatically viewed as a meal!!! 😀

  4. When I saw this, it made me think of Christian the lion that two men purchased from Harrod’s in London. As the lion got bigger, they found a sanctuary for him to stay in in Africa. Christian also remembered the men when they returned to visit him a year or more later.

    Then, again, I think of the magicians, Siegfried and Roy. They worked with wild lions for years. One day, one of them was seriously injured by one of the lions. They are wild animals and I don’t think I would attempt what this man is doing. Great video, though.

    1. Oh, very interesting, thanks for that Judy, I didn’t know about that story – a lion from Harrods!! Just looked it up, there are lots of You Tube videos of the young men that helped introduce the lion back into the wild. And the greeting and hugs do look very much the same as the lion hugs Kevin Richardson gets from his big cat friends. It’s amazing how human like some animals can become!

      I’ve not heard of the magicians either, I guess as wonderful as it all is to be friends with big beasts, they are still very much a wild beast and it can very quickly go wrong. I remember when I was a teenager our family dog snarled at me once with all her teeth showing after I’d frightened her by shouting a bit too loud at her barking continuously at every passing dog, cat, person and blown leaf through the front door window. She was very sweet normally, and so was I, but we both lost it a bit too much for a moment! It was quite surreal to see her turn for a split second into wolf mode. She looked guilty afterwards, like she’d mistakenly let her Mr Hyde out – torn between human and dog behaviour! 😀

    1. Haha, yes, I was thinking the same when I first saw this! 😀 Strange though, after watching it a few more times I began to feel like they were just cuddly toys. It’s amazing how someone so chilled out as Kevin Richardson is with those lions can make it look so easy! 😉

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