Dancing To Daddy’s Guitar


Seeing as I published a post today about a cat, I thought I might as well do a post on the other most popular subject to view on You Tube – babies!

Before you groan in despair, take a look at this delightful video, I promise you won’t be disappointed.Β  I wonder if dancing will feature in their life as they grow up?Β  They’ve certainly got rhythm! πŸ˜€





It’s interesting what effect music can have on babies.Β  I came across this video a few months ago and I found it extraordinary that a baby would be so emotional to the sound of music. Warning – this one is a real tear-jerker.


11 thoughts on “Dancing To Daddy’s Guitar

    1. They are extremely bouncy!! πŸ˜€ Yes, it is quite an emotional melody and sad lyrics. Hard to imagine a baby could understand that level of emotion at that age, but maybe she’s way ahead of herself in maturity when it comes to music. Perhaps she’ll turn out to be a great musician or singer. I’m sure people like that have it naturally within them from birth, to feel the music.

  1. Interesting videos. Interesting that the twins are in unison, even looking at each other first.

    Hard to know why that baby cried in the other. Conditioned? Surely, too young to understand the song.

    1. I love that synchronization those twins have, that’s what makes it so funny for me. Babies don’t look capable of such a thing, so to see them suddenly spring into that mode is quite hilarious to me. They’re almost like animation! πŸ˜€

      There’s video with that emotional baby and their parents on the Ellen show, and the mother says it’s just that one song that does it to her every time. Maybe there is something sad in the melody, it sounds like it to me. Music notes are a language in themselves. Some don’t tune into the language and others tune in so much they break out in emotion. I have heard there are some people who pretty much cry at all music. I’ve been trying to Google it to find out what it’s called but can’t seem to find it now. I was watching a video the other day of an old woman talking about how the sound of music always made her want to dance. It’s no surprise she became a brilliant dancer. I’m so glad we all react differently though – can you imagine if everyone was as emotional as that baby? I don’t think there’d be a lot money in music – it might be too much to listen to! πŸ™‚

  2. I watched the follow up of the second one where the family is on Ellen. It’s funny that it happened with just the one song. Wish we knew what was going through baby’s mind!

    1. I watched the Ellen video clip too! Yes, her mother did say it was just the one song, maybe it’s the melody, it is quite an emotional melody. But still, unusual for a child that age to get so emotional. There are people who generally find they cry at pretty much all music or song, but it might not be the case with that baby. Well, it made her a star for a day on the Ellen show, that will be something to tell her grandchildren about!! πŸ˜€

  3. The twin are so cute and they are dancing (sort of) in synchornization (not exactly) makes me smile. I think I saw their video before on a TV show (I think they went viral).

    I have not seen the second one. I that is amazing to see 10 month old shows emotion by listening his mother sings. I think I saw he started to cry when his mother sung the word “… hurt …”. He is such a good boy!

    1. They are almost synchronised! πŸ˜€ Twins are often like that, sometimes when one is asked a question they both reply at once!! Other times twins can be nothing like each other at all. Twins behaviour can be quite bizarre.

      I noticed that too about the word ‘hurt’. I don’t know if this little soul is just a sensitive one or if they have a condition that causes them to cry at the sound of any music or song. I can’t find what it’s called now, but there are people like that – all music make them spontaneously cry tears. Must be annoying! I don’t mind getting emotional over a song, but I’d at least like to turn the emotion off when I choose to. I want to enjoy the song! πŸ™‚

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