Ricky & Doris: Friendship At It’s Best



Ricky Syers and Doris Diether met in Washington Square Park where Ricky spends his days entertaining passing visitors with his marionettes.  Doris, fascinated by Ricky’s little string puppets, brought a couple of articles to show him she had written many years before when she was a columnist for a newspaper.  Ricky then created a marionette in the image of Doris especially for her, and a great friendship began.

This sums up the reality of friendship for me – two people, a generation apart, with not much in common other than a love for puppets, and yet they connected in the most charming way.  Doris says “If the person is interesting, that’s what I relate to.”

I’m very impressed by Ricky’s skill as a puppeteer, if I look at those little people long enough, I begin to see them as real.  If you take a look at his You Tube page you will find even more videos of his extraordinary day job in Washing Square Park.

I hope this little story of endearing friendship makes your day as it did mine!



Source for images: thevillager.comthisiscolossal.com

17 thoughts on “Ricky & Doris: Friendship At It’s Best

  1. Suzy … I love, love, love this. Such a sweet story and friendship. When we were in Rome in June, we saw a woman with a marionette that she had painting on a canvas. Very cool. I’m going to share. You always have the most amazing stories, music and photos. 😉

    1. So glad to hear you enjoyed this so much Judy! 🙂 I still watch that video myself some days. I remember that picture you posted of the woman painting with a tiny marionette. I can’t imagine how anyone would paint miniature art in that way, she must have a steady hand and stunning eyesight!! 😀

      I have to admit the credit really goes to the Colossal website for this one. There are times when I dig up little gems surfing You Tube or Vimeo, but this one came to my email. I don’t follow many websites/blogs outside of WordPress, but that one is very good. Thanks so much for sharing Judy, very kind of you! 🙂

    1. Thank you for viewing it Cynthia! 🙂 It is lovely to see friendships like these. I think friendships of people of different ages is very important. A lot families are more spread about in the places where they live today, and that does diminish the chance of close friendship/relationship with different age groups. I have over the years had friends of all ages and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

      I do love the idea of Ricky’s day job, what better job can you have than making people smile in the park! 🙂

    1. He is, he makes them all come alive! I know, I love that cat scene, it looks like it’s quite comfortable with that little puppet. I find friendships like this so good, people of different ages and backgrounds is always far more interesting! 🙂

  2. It is a lovely story and it did make my day. I was smiling whatching the last video here. When I was young, I was so fascinated by marionettes. I wanted one 🙂 Ricky’s ones are so lively and watching the playing drum and the last video of Doris walking around just about to make me belive that they are real life person 🙂

    1. Ah, that’s good!! Yes, the second one is so funny, I think even that black cat liked her strokes! 😉 What makes me laugh the most is the way he gets puppet Doris to shake her walking stick! I had a uncle who used to do exactly that. How does he get those moves so perfect with a bunch of strings?!

      I was always fascinated by marionettes when I was kid too, I was given a little Pinocchio when I was about seven. It wasn’t new. It was made of fairly lightweight plastic – and I’ve still got it. I think it dates back to when the Disney film first came out, so probably worth a bit of money. Such an adorable little toy. But I haven’t got the magic touch that Ricky has! 😉

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