Bedtime Stories With Samsung



I struggled with reading as a young child, so bedtime stories with my Mum were always a very important part of my day.  But can you imagine when you were a child having a bedtime story read to you by your mother or father, but they were miles away from home?

Samsung have created a phone app where parent and child can interact with each other and still to some extent have those precious bedtime stories.  If anyone had told me back in the 70’s such a thing would exist when I was an adult….wow, the thought of it would have felt very space age!! 😀

Bedtime VR Stories is still is not available to buy yet, but if it interests you, keep this Samsung page bookmarked.

But….would you use it if you needed to?


15 thoughts on “Bedtime Stories With Samsung

    1. No reality shouldn’t be erased with clever inventions. I hope parents won’t end up abusing this and telling their kids stories from another room at the other end of the house, that would be terrible! It’s a great tool for helping to feel connected, and used in the right way, I think would be great fun. I’m pretty sure if I was in that position as a parent I’d be happy to use it too. I’m sure little kids will love it! 🙂

  1. I like innovation like this. You are right that it is hard to imagine what would be like from when we were young. Smart phone that let you connect to others, provides information, navigate you around (I got loss easily :)), etc. This VR thing is just the beginning of the next step. Use it to helps little child when he/she cannot be close is a fantastic idea!

    1. I love these new inventions too, and yes, I think it is just the beginning of a lot new ways of communicating.

      I was lucky never to be separated from my mother when I needed those bedtime stories, but life is very different for a lot families these days, many women need to work just to help maintain a comfortable living standard, and many employers require a lot more from women now. If this helps to calm their child and leave them feeling less guilty for not being the mother at home, I guess it can’t be bad.

      I’m sure there was a device a little like this used in the 90’s series of Star Trek, not something that went on the head but a screen where the parent and child communicated from a long distance. So the next step might be to use this in space – maybe! 😉

      1. Are you a Trekkie? 🙂 I love Star Trek even now. I like the “Holo deck” concept. That sounds fun and could let you live out your dream 🙂

        I think these days, you can do video calls (e.g. Skype or now many other apps) to see the other party live in addition to voice only.

        1. Oh yes, I think a lot people do the video calls and Skype now. I kind of like the privacy of just sound. I mean..the phone is always ringing when I’m barely awake or just got out of the bath…haha…I’d hate for video calls to be the standard way to answer the phone!! I like to sound great when I’m still in PJ’s and my hair’s not brushed!! 😀

          I wouldn’t call myself an all out Trekkie, but I did love the original 60’s series. I was terrified of it as a child, but kind of loved it too – very like I felt about Dr Who. I had so many Trekkie/Whoish nightmares my parents banned me from watching them for about a year until I was old enough to handle it! 😀

          I also adored the movies they made, but I’ve never got into the new movie. My brother really enjoyed it. I’ve seen clips, but need to sit down and watch it one day before becomes retro Trekkie! 😉

          1. I understand the thought of being seen with video call when you are not ready. A good one should have an option to accept a call with voice only and let you escalate to video if you feel like it 🙂

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