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Have you ever lived, or know someone who lives a micro lifestyle?  Tiny homes are rapidly appearing all over the world.   I’m pretty sure it’s largely down to the increase in the amount of people now living on their own.  So many singles no longer want the large spacious home.

My first experience of a miniature home was in the 1970’s, an amazing tree house my dad built in a wood near to our house for my brother and I and all the kids in the neighbourhood to play in.  It was such fun, and we were so lucky to have a dad who was a skilled carpenter who assisted in building real homes.  The last video in this list (Dan Price’s underground home) reminds me a lot of our adorable little tree house.  Quite a different way to live, but perfect I would imagine if you’re looking for some serious solitude.

I live in a micro home myself, on the upper floor of a house divided into two flats.  It isn’t perfect, it could do with a lot more improvement, but it’s very cosy, ideal for one person.  So I find these little homes a real fascination, and identify with that kind of living.  I wish mine was as well thought out as many of these are.  I certainly got some great space saving ideas watching these videos!

I had real trouble deciding which one was my favourite.  I think the (itsy bitsy apartment) is the one I relate to most, as it has a similarity to my own home.  (Thank you to Rebecca for sending me a link to that one!) But I’m in love with them all – I want to take a holiday in each tiny one!! 😀

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5 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home ~ Micro Living

  1. These houses are fascinating. The people who are happy to live in such small space are also as fascinating too. Like “Lignum Draco” ‘s comment, it would be good to have few rooms to go around in the house. That gives you different mood as you step in different room even small change. I think it can give you a micro vacation.

    The Itsy bitsy is my favorite one and I can imagine living in it. It still give you multi room to do a bit of roaming. The others that look like one room that fit every thing are too tight to my liking.

    The Hong Kong apt. one is very claver. Everything is designed to be tugged away and can be flipped for dual purpose. For some reason, it does not feel cozy to me. It is to mechanic. I think I could get tired of turning that or pulling this to get to things.

    That last one is really interesting. I kind of like it but for a time break to live as part of nature by myself or when I want to be away from people.

    That was cool that you had a tree house. I did not have one but just put together a small hut in the dished with neighbor kids 🙂

    1. So pleased to hear you found them fascinating! 🙂 The idea of living in one room doesn’t appeal that much to me, although my flat is definitely micro I have a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen and bathroom are very tiny, but the other two rooms are fairly generous. I think that makes a difference in how it feels. I’d love to have a holiday in a one room tiny home – a bit a like a hotel I guess. But living in one room permanently …I’d feel like a student or a teen back home in my little bedroom – aaahh…not at my age!! 😀

      The itsy bitsy home is a lot like mine – great for one person. But can feel a little overwhelming if you have someone to stay. I don’t mind living in a tiny home, but when it comes to living with other people…oh my goodness…I need space!! 😐

      I know what you mean about the Hong Kong apartment, it’s clever, but doesn’t look very homely Haha…yes, it could get tedious having to pull things around to get to everything! 😀

      The last one is a hobbit home…I’m sure…emergency retreat!!!

      Ah, everyone has to have some kind of hut when you’re a child…something to do with independence from adults. Probably an illusion, but it feels good! 😉

  2. It’s interesting, but I need room to roam, even indoors. However, moving to something small would force me to remove a lot of clutter from my life, not necessarily a bad thing. I’m not ready to downsize yet.

    1. Tiny homes are not for everyone! I don’t think I would have chosen one as small as mine, but it’s the best I could find at an affordable price at the time, and then….well….it becomes home, plus I would hate to move from the area, it’s so convenient to the city centre. Most apartments in my area are nearly double what I pay. It certainly does make you think about all that clutter. I’m on a permanent declutter! 😀

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